So Here’s the Thing

Let’s say that we believe Sarah Palin when she says she’s Trig’s biological mother.   Despite the pictures and the inconsistencies and the inexplicable refusal to produce a birth certificate, let’s say we buy the story anyway.

That means that Sarah Palin was willing to risk her own life, and the life of her child, by taking an 18-hour trip including two commercial flights, a layover, and an hour on snowy, winding back roads, to get to a small local hospital that didn’t have the facilities to handle the problems her child was likely to have (assuming he wasn’t born at 35,000 feet, because remember labors get shorter with more pregnancies), when she had started the day literally blocks from one of the best medical centers in the US.

Is that the kind if judgement you want in one of the leaders of your country?  Personally I would actually feel better about her for trying to cover up for her daughter–if she hadn’t then thrown the same daughter under the bus later, that is.


One Response to “So Here’s the Thing”

  1. Carrie Says:

    At the old blog, choperena wrote:
    Ha! I don’t really follow her, because she annoys the ever loving piss out of me, but that is definitely an interesting set of data that reconfirms I can’t stand her.

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