Wish List

I have an Amazon wish list–which I am currently in the process of pruning, so don’t rush out and buy me things from it if you were for some reason inclined to.

Anyway, one of the features of this list is that Amazon will give you recommendations, that is, things the algorhythm thinks you’ll like based on other things you’ve said you like or own. But sometimes the computer gets weird. What, for example, does National Treasure have to do with Hitch? Or, since I have said that I own The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD, why does it offer me a different version of The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD? How in God’s name Knife of Dreams relate to Murder at the War, except in containing people in armor and murder? (If Knife of Dreams does in fact contain murder; I don’t know because I’m refusing to read the Wheel of Time books till Jordan finishes the series, if ever.)


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