In the immortal words of Smee, I have had an apostrophe.

Rienna’s conflict was “Is it more important to be good, or to be loyal?”  She chose loyal, and it cost her.  Annis’s conflict was “How do you handle passion when everything that matters to you depends on denying it?”  I never really got to work that out, alas.  Cordelia’s conflict is “When you can be anybody, who are you really?”  I’ve just worked out Astrid’s conflict, which is “What will you give up to stay in control?”  See, Astrid just cut a man’s throat in cold blood.

The man was Mindshark (excellent name for an evil telepath, by the way), a newly-formed super who had no compunctions about taking over other peoples’ minds.  He never did it to her, nor to the best of my recollection threatened to, but the possibility was enough; Astrid is willing to kill to ensure that she’ll stay in charge of her own life.

This means that one of the powers she acquired in our recent conversion (to 2nd edition Mutants and Masterminds)has got to go.  If she’s immune to psychic domination, it’s not a threat anymore.  Must be chucked.  Also, Blackhawk is going to be…interesting should she encounter him again.


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