I was trying to save an entry that would automatically appear on Sunday, but every time I did it would reset the date to Saturday.  I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on till I remembered that Sat/Sun night is the Daylight Saving Time reset.  I have no idea why this is relevant, since it doesn’t happen at midnight, but it seems to be.

I am willing to put up with a quirk that only manifests once a year, I guess.

Yes, Everyone Else Has Done This

Strength-Physical strength
Lifting: How much you can carry, shove, lift, etc
Leverage: shoving and resisting being shoved; how hard you hit things

Coordination-Controlling motion
Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination; manual dexterity; half the important stuff for an archer
Agility: Whole-body motion; how fast you move; how well you hit things.

Constitution-How healthy you are
Stamina-enduring prolonged physical effort; staying awake and resisting fatigue
Health-resisting disease and poison

Intelligence-Mental acuity
Memory-Raw fact storage: this is the stat for trivia masters
Theory-Putting facts together to form ideas

Wits-Dealing with the outside world
Perception-Do you see/hear/smell/sense that?  The other important stat for an archer
Wisdom-Common sense; reading others; “What does it all mean?”

Will-Mental toughness
Resistance-Resisting temptation; standing up under pressure; ignoring distractions
Charisma-Force of personality

What I’m thinking is that at chargen you assign a score (however that happens) to each of the six major categories; then pick one subcategory to be one higher and one to be one lower.  So if your Int is 15, your Mem could be 14 and your The 16, or vice versa.  After that they can be improved independently, but go up and down with their main stat; if you have a stat bump, so that Int is now 16, Mem is 15 and The is 17, and if the brain suckers get you down to Int 10, Mem is 9 and The is 11.

I realize that the world doesn’t need another Gamist frpg, but this has been floating around in my head.