OK, it’s official: 4 Liam-sized socks from one skein of the alpaca.  Given that it was $24 for the skein, that’s $6 per sock, i.e. less than I usually pay for sock yarn.  The only downside is that he can’t wear them with non-sandals until it gets much colder.  Alpaca is toasty stuff.

Well, there’s also the leftover yarn, which is of that aggravating length where it’s much too much to just toss, but not nearly enough to actually do anything with–maybe 50 yards.

I added a new design feature to these: a buttonhole close to the top.  The plan is that he can keep some twine in the basement, and when it’s time to wash the socks tie the pairs together so no one sock can go down the Lost Sock rabbithole.  There are three or four pairs that are missing one at this point, and I’m tired of it.


2 Responses to “Alpaca”

  1. Carrie Says:

    On the old blog, Marybeth said:
    Hmmm. Dice bags, maybe? Not for the alpaca, really, but I can’t think of what else to do with that amount of yarn.

    If you end up with enough similar-weighted yarn, you could do a massive scrap afghan. My mom made one big granny square afghan – started in the middle with two skeins together, when one ran out she attached the next spool, kept going till she was done.

    • Carrie Says:

      Probably I’ll keep it around to do mending with, should these ever need mending, but that does depend on whether I remember semi-regularly to toss the skein in with the socks when they’re laundered.

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