Speaking of Mashups…

Someone runs a contest in which the idea is to take a movie and make a new trailer for it such that it appears to be a completely different film.  Consider Shining, the feel-good movie of the year.  As I understand it, you may only use scenes and dialogue that were actually in the film, though, as West Side Story demonstrates, there may be some slight changes made.  Narration, music, and so forth appear to be completely at the evil discretion of the editor.

Personally I think Shining and Titanic are better efforts than West Side Story, as the first two are, strictly speaking, completely honest about the contents of the films–Danny is indeed “looking for a father”, for example…

This strikes me as a project we could have fun with.  Consider The Fellowship of the Ring and Lawrence of Arabia, for example.  There’s got to be meat there…


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