Pig Elvish

A while ago on Zompist’s conlang forum, we came up with a quick cypher we dubbed “Pig Elvish”. It’s fairly easy for the trained eye to read, but to the uninitiated it looks an awful lot like Tolkein’s Elvish–Sindarin, IMO, but some people think Quenya.

For example, the above text would read as follows:

Aen hilewa goáen noen Ompístzi’sén onlangcú orumfi, ewen ameco puen ithwo áen uiccqa yphercë; ewen ubbéddi “Igpen Lvisheo”. Tien’sen airlyfo ásyeu orfen heten rainedtu yeéen oten eadra, utben oten heten ninitiatedue tien oócslo naen wfúlaa otlen icela Olkeinte’s lvishei–Indarínáo, IMO, útben omésu eoplepa hinctë Uenyaqu.

The algorhythm is simple: take the first letter and move it to the end. If the word is three letters or fewer, append “en”. If it’s four or more, append a random vowel. Mark any final Es with a diaresis (or umlaut, if you insist), and add acute accents at will. Change all Ks to C.

In any case, the posts to Zompist’s boards seem to have gone away, so I wanted to preserve the cypher. It falls down when presented with very long words, and is slightly lossy in that there’s no way for a simple search-and-replace to determine if this particular C should be turned into a K, but as cyphers go it’s easier to read than rot13.


6 Responses to “Pig Elvish”

  1. knightmadge Says:

    Is there a spoken language for Pig Elvish? If there is I’d love to learn it, plus fan of Lord of The Rings:D where could I learn it and/or would you be willing to teach it? I still haven’t seen the Hobbit nor read it. I’m getting to it though, slower reader right now.o you know Esperanto,etc.? I gave up on it because I couldn’t find peeps to talk to. Maybe I’ll try again one day.

  2. knightmadge Says:

    Is Pig Elvish spoken too? If it is I want to learn it. I’m a lord of the rings fan:D Do you know where I can learn it and/or are you willing to teach it. Do you know Esperanto? I gave up on it because Couldn’t find someone to talk to or learn with. Even learning with someone online is better than no one at all. Maybe I’ll try again one day.

  3. Eugene Says:

    If it’s fine, can I create a Pig Elvish group on kik and add you to the group?

    • Carrie Says:

      I don’t know what kik may be and have no opinion about what you do there; if you want a group, sure, go nuts–insofar as I have any authority to say so, as I’m not the only person who contributed to the invention. I’m not particularly interested in joining, however, as Pig Elvish is not a real conlang and I don’t feel any need to talk about it.

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