Work on the tablecloth has stalled the last week or so.  I fear that my hands have lost the taste for it again.  Still, I got all the foundation motifs, the eternal ring-and-chain, and several side scallops done; not bad for this push, if indeed it’s over.  Maybe I should make it a dedicated work project, something to do at lunch.

Got to dig up the other long side, too, so I can see about putting them together sometime.  I know it came from Aspinwall with me, as I distinctly remember getting it off the shelf it was stored on.  I just can’t recall what I did with it after that.  Maybe in the under-bed storage thing my mom got me?  (Which is, naturally, too tall to go under my bed…)

The phrase “other long side” may be misleading in this instance, as that was the plan when the target table was rectangular.  Liam’s dinner table is square, and though it has leaves that make it a rectangle, the current long cloth side is about right for one of the table’s non-extensible sides.  I think I’m going for square; the concept of 48- or (gods help me) 56-motif-long sides makes my hands cramp just thinking about it.


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