Just a Hedge, Move Along

It’s a sad fact that one of the things I’ve always wanted to be is, for lack of a better quick summary, dangerous.  Miho from Sin City is a great example of this sort of thing: no one sees her unless she wants to be seen, and no one can stop her if she doesn’t want to be stopped, and if she wants you dead you probably don’t have time to get your affairs in order.  A number of incarnations of Batman have this ability, too, and so does Wolverine.  I think it’s one of the reasons Jedi appeal to me–not that Jedi are necessarily out to kill, but when they decide to they’re damn good at it.

No, I am not immune to the lure of the ninja, but unlike your average fan I’m aware that I’m not one, and at this point am unlikely to be.  I’ve got decent aim and better reflexes than average, but that’s all that can really be said for me.  It would take some serious trauma, of the “You killed my father, prepare to die” variety, to motivate me into actually learning all the stealthy stuff I’d love to be able to do.


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