O’er the Bounding Main

Got the ship back to Eta last night, with only one fight.  Wahoo.

Note to self: Lynx is handy for foraging, though of course this means that limes and passion fruit are cheap on Eta.  What I ought to do is get a whole bunch of people together with all their labor and do a big run, then head to another archipelago.

How does one get inter-archipelago charts?  Do they have to be won in combat?  None of the shipwrights seem to sell them.

It appears to take three runs over a given league-point before it’s memorized.  It might be four; I’m not certain.  The fact that my navigating is still shaky at best doesn’t help.

Why can’t I put a candlestick on a blotter?  That makes no sense.

I wonder when/if they’re going to implement the missing puzzles (weaving, tailoring, ironworking, building…am I missing any?)  I mean, having the housing stuff up and running is great, but I’d rather have a new puzzle to play with.  What would be really cool is a charting puzzle–you sail into waters you don’t know, either in the direction of a destination you know or just randomly, and if you play a puzzle well enough you make a chart, allowing players to discover new islands. That would be really nifty.


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