But Why is the Rum Gone?

My ship, the Tricky Chub of little but growing renown, is stuck on an uninhabited island, with lots of damage and no rum on board.  I’ve got to figure out if there’s a way to get rum there without having to persuade someone to bring it in their own ship.

It’s only two league points to Eta Island.  Given the runs I’d been making–5 or 6 league points with nary an encounter–I should have been able to get back there in under 10 minutes…but no.  The damn bots kept attacking, and even if I managed to stay out of battle it was minutes of manuvering around waiting for the disengage button to start working.  They usually managed to shoot me, thus doing damage, slowing me down, and making it both more likely and easier for the next bot in the chain.  Finally I gave up, as it was getting late, which means I’m going to have to do the whole voyage over again.  Grrr.  Argh.


One Response to “But Why is the Rum Gone?”

  1. Carrie Says:

    From the old blog, verbatim here:

    tangerinepenguin wrote:
    The damage will heal on its own. The rum is a harder problem, and will not happen without someone else bringing it or the island suddenly developing an economy (i.e. you can’t carry it on your person.)

    Eta’s not in comfy waters, either – the Ruby Arch is red-ring brigand country. Of course, it’s also my stomping ground if you’d like an Ultimate sailor to help get you to Eta (even without rum) at some point, assuming we can sync up schedules…

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