A Who What Now?

One of the jobs I’d like to apply for in the county requires both a cover letter and a writing sample. Cover letter I can do, no problem, but what in this context is a “writing sample”? Am I to philosophize upon the transmutation of lead into gold? Should I try to explain some complex process, such as creating a D&D character? Should I write about why I want the job (and if so, isn’t that the realm of the cover letter, explicitly requested)? Or maybe they want my musings about office management. I have no idea, and no way to find out, really, which leaves me unable to apply for the job despite the fact that I have the required degree in “Communications, Political Science, Journalism or related field”.


Things That Make Me Cry

  • The Lady of Shallot, Loreena McKennit
  • The Highwayman, same singer
  • Some Kind of Hero
  • Christmas in the Trenches
  • Lady Jane
  • Embarassing as this is to admit, Balto
  • Titanic, at least the first time I saw it.