Hello, and Welcome to the New Blog!

Hi. Some of y’all probably know me from LiveJournal–where my userID, by the way, should be pronounced “Miko Y” rather than “Mikoy”, but that’s my own fault. Most of you, though, have probably never heard of me, so here goes.

I’m Carrie. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m in the SCA, though I haven’t been very active for a while now–this is why I won’t be anywhere near a computer for two weeks in August; I’ll be at an SCA event. I am a fiber mutant, currently working again on the tablecloth that’s eating my brain. There’s also a half-done sock sitting around somewhere, reproachfully muttering. I like roleplaying games, science fiction, movies where things blow up, and comic books.

I am starting this blog because, while LiveJournal is fine, I can’t access it from the computer I spend most of my online time on. I plan to discuss politics, fiber arts, media, and whatever else happens to be on my mind on a given day.

Visitors should keep a few things in mind:

* My blog. If you don’t like an opinion, you are free to say so, but you don’t get to tell me I shouldn’t have said it.
* Try to assume that the other person meant well. The Net lacks context, which makes it easy to take offense.
* Fuzzy thinking will be grounds for being mocked, but holding a well-reasoned opinion someone else disagrees with will not.
* Don’t be a jerk.

Bonus points to the person who identifies quote that is the title of this blog without recourse to a search engine.